Hair Growth Accelerator

Hair Health is vital for youthful appearance and confidence. Women across age groups suffer from hair loss caused due to the natural process of aging and exposure to pollution, sun damage, stress and much more. Shine & Split Ends is a dietary supplement that may help support hair health and appearance.

Formulated with Biotin and a combination of other natural ingredients, this supplement may help support hair health. It may help boost hydration & nutrient delivery. It is essential to use the supplement as directed with prior consultation with a physician.


Healthy Youthful Looking Hair

Our hair health faces a decline with age, exposed to harsh environmental conditions, use of colors and other cosmetic products. This may lead to hair fall, overall damage, and loss of luster. It is essential to take care of one's hair to reduce damage.

Hair Growth is a dietary supplement that includes a range of ingredients which may help support hair health, reduce damage, and support growth. It may help support hydration, nourishment, and overall appearance.


Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin B that may play an important role in hair health. As a supplement, biotin may assist in regrowth if one is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss. Increased biotin intake might improve overall hair quality such as thickness and shine.


Magnesium Glycinate is one of the most important nutrients needed throughout the body and essential for a nutritious life. Magnesium may promote follicle hair growth to encourage healthy hair growth and a more predictable hair cycle.


White mulberry is an herb. The fruit can be used for food, either raw or cooked. White mulberry is native to China and is the food of silkworms. Mulberry has been used in traditional Oriental medicine for premature white hair. It may also be used to help treat hair loss.